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"I have four (4) dogs, which Victoria has been caring for, for nearly three years. During that time one of my dogs whelped a puppy, and Victoria cared for both mother and puppy when I was unable to be with them. Another one of my dogs has a handicap, and the fourth is a 'senior citizen'. I use Victoria's services for regular visits when I'm at work, as well as more extensive care when I travel.
"Victoria is an extremely attentive caretaker. Even though my dogs are quite a handful sometimes, she takes extra care to give attention and affection to each one. I know this because she writes notes at the end of her visit, which contain details about my dogs that even I don't notice sometimes, until she points the item out. If one of my dogs is on medication or is on a special diet, or requires any special care, Victoria is careful to get detailed instructions and meticulous in carrying them out.
"I must also mention that I am completely comfortable with the trustworthiness of Struttin' Mutts. Victoria holds a key to my home and is familiar with my work and travel schedule, and there is no doubt in my mind that all of that information is safe and secure. An added benefit of Victoria visiting my home is that she takes note of anything at all that seems to be out of the ordinary and notifies me immediately.
"In short, my mind and heart rest easily when I cannot be with my dogs because I know Victoria satisfies their basic needs, as well as their need for attention and affection."
--Jen ('Angel', 'Mo', 'Free' & 'Willow'- Dachshunds)

"Struttin' Mutts is simply the best pet sitting service I have ever used. One of my cats is a 'special needs' kitty, and my pet sitter Vicki has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure she stays healthy while I am away. And my other cat, who hides from almost everyone, is always very happy to see Vicki. That says a lot! So I never worry about my cats when they're being cared for by Struttin' Mutts!"
--Beth ('Cinder' & 'Mandarin'- cats)

"Never having hired a dog walker before, I emailed several sitters and Vicki was the only one who answered back with complete information, a list of references and great enthusiasm! But the best part is her friendly and cooperative attitude. Truly, having her has been a blessing- knowing my babies are well cared for and safe. I cannot recommend her highly enough..."
--Sheila ('Trixie' & 'Sklyar'- Pomeranians)

"Vicki truly cares about pets and it shows in the level of service she provides. Our pets love her! (And so do we!) I highly recommend Struttin'' Mutts for any pet care needs!"
--Barbara ('Carter'- yellow lab; 'Bug' & 'Harvey'- cats)

"The kindest thing I did for my pets was to hire Struttin' Mutts as their pet sitter. She has gone above and beyond just the basic needs. She plays with them...and leaves me written stories about their adventures together. It's so comforting to know that when I'm out of town, they are not just getting fed, but are actually getting cared for by a true animal lover."
--Olga ('Venus' & 'Neville'- cats)

"Struttin' Mutts provides reliable, inexpensive service that I've come to depend on for long weekends or week long vacations. The notes that Vicki leaves are very helpful and entertaining! I always wonder what my cat does when I'm not around and the notes provide a nice window into his 'daily grind' of eating, playing and meowing. Despite being out of town, and added benefit of Struttin'' Mutts service is giving the appearance that someone is home, turning lights on at night and raising and lowering blinds."
--Chelsey ('kitty'- cat)

"...You've got a big did an awesome job, and I'll recommend you to everyone I know!!"
--Matt ('Sam', 'Lexi' & 'Baby'- cats)

"Our dog walker goes above and beyond our expectations. We feel comfortable knowing during the hours we are at work that our dog is getting lots of love and attention!"
--Meltem ('Kala'- German Shepard)

"Our Weimaraner is very shy around strangers, but she warmed up to Vicki very quickly. Struttin' Mutts allows us to go to work every day knowing our dog will get the exercise and love that she needs!"
--Molly & Eric ('Ainsley' - Weimaraner)

"Struttin' Mutts is wonderful! I feel totally comfortable leaving my pets in their care. I am very happy with their service and would highly recommend them as the best pet sitting service in this area!"
--Mary ('Theo'- Golden Retriever, 'Logan'- Border Collie, 'Pickles'- mix)

"I began using Struttin' Mutts, Inc. dog walking & pet sitting services for my dog and cat in 2004. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of service provided by the company. They provide a service that is responsible, reliable and trustworthy.
"My dog has a bad habit of getting into the trash once in a while and our dog walker has unexpectedly cleaned up more than one mess. She has impressed me with her professionalism and communication. The detailed notes she writes about my dog enjoying his walk and other fun and cute things he did is a treat to read when I come home from work. I am very satisfied with Struttin' Mutts, Inc. and would recommend their dog walking & pet sitting services to anyone."
--Kristen ('Tilghman' - Chesapeake Bay Retriever, 'Adam' - cat)

"Thank you so much for being such a huge help in emergency situations. I really appreciate it. You guys provide better services than any other pet care services that I have come across!"
--Jennifer ('Rosco'- Maltese)

"We have 2 large Malamutes (180 and 95 lbs!). Struttin' Mutts has provided great service to our 'boys'. On those occasions when we had to leave the 'boys', Struttin' Mutts provide all day service!"
--Robert ('Kinuk' & 'Kobuk' - Alaskan Malamutes)

"We have been extremely pleased with Struttin' Mutts! Their flexibility provides us what we need with busy and often unpredictable schedules and are comfortable with them coming to the home anytime!"
--Brendon & Allison ('Bentley' - Sheppard/Lab mix)

"Vicki and her employees at Struttin' Mutts have done an excellent job taking care of our dog while we're gone. They are completely reliable and take a genuine interest in ensuring our dog is happy while we're away. They also provide wonderful, detailed reports about their time with our dog. We highly recommend Struttin' Mutts!"
--Mary Ellen ('Brewster' - mix breed)

"This is the finest, most professional dog walking service I have had the pleasure to use! I am amazed by how accessible you are by phone and email- that's very comforting. I have appreciated Lauren's gentle nature. She has good instincts when it comes to how dogs are feeling. Many thanks for your reliability too!"
--Jenni ('Grendel' - Spitz)

"Struttin' Mutts is great every single time! They are extremely professional. They come in to walk, feed and water the dogs and they bring in the paper and mail when we're out of town.  And they leave little handwritten notes for each time they come throughout the day, detailing behavior, poop report, how much they've eaten, etc. One of my favorite things to do when I get home from vacation is read the little notes! ...I got more than my money's worth!"
--Joanie ('Sophie' - Jack Russell, 'Lucy' - Jack/Beagle mix, 'Teya' - Rottweiller)

"Best of the Best! Only a very few people I trust to care for my dogs. My two DoberKids love to see their walker and that tells me all I need to know. Every walker really takes care to understand both my dog's particular needs. My two dobermans are 'special needs' and Struttin' Mutts goes beyond normal dog walking and care. When I trust my four legged kids with them, I never worry. The staff at Struttin' Mutts does a great job of giving feedback each day on how the pups acted while they were walked and this is very important for their doctors to know. The price is extremely fair, especially considering the excellent service and there are no 'threatening' contracts to sign. If you want someone you can trust with your loved ones, call Vicki and Ken. I give Struttin' Mutts 5 stars!"
--Jennifer ('Caroline' & 'Petie' - Dobermans)

"I never worry when I am traveling and Struttin' Mutts is taking care of my gang (3 dogs and occasionally visiting grand dogs and grand cats). Struttin' Mutts is professional, extremely reliable and they go the extra mile to make sure your pets are safe and happy. I first learned of Struttin' Mutts through their participation at a UCM Help the Homeless mini-walk. A business that is a community supporter is a big plus for me. Struttin' Mutts conscientious services lets me know I have picked an excellent dog sitter. I love the personal notes they leave explaining how the visits went. They add something personal about the dogs to make me smile. Before I leave town, Struttin' Mutts checks for updates on the dogs- health issues or any other items of concern. Best of all, I appreciate that Struttin' Mutts works with my crazy schedule issues! Your better believe I call Struttin' Mutts when I get home from being away- if I don't, Struttin' Mutts won't stop worrying about my gang. I highly recommend Struttin' Mutts if you want the best care for your pets!"
--Beverly ('Blaze' - Chow mix, 'Mason' - Dachshund, 'Basil' - Poodle)

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