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Dog Walking

Whether you have a puppy who needs housebreaking visits, an adult dog who needs regular exercise or a mature dog that now requires frequent bathroom breaks- our walking service provides an excellent opportunity to help you establish a regular and healthy routine for your dog!

Puppies typically need a bathroom break every 3 to 4 hours- thus daily mid-day visits help to maintain a consistent house breaking schedule of bathroom breaks for your puppy when you're away for extended periods of time.

Adult dogs require regular exercise to ensure good physical and mental health. For instance, a dog that does not receive proper stimulation may become hyperactive and thus difficult to train potentially leaving your home in a shredded mess!

A mature dog of course may need more frequent bathroom breaks as he/she gets older. When older dogs have accidents they often become stressed because they have been trained to go outside but just can not "hold it" anymore. A mid-day visit for your elderly dog would be beneficial to obtain that much needed bathroom break!

So whatever your situation may be, we will accommodate to your needs and provide you with top quality service to help properly maintain your dog's health and well being!

Our mid-day dog walking service typically consists of a 30 min. visit (60 min. visits are also available) and includes a walk and/or playtime, fresh water, a feeding (if requested), as well as a report of the day's visit. (A reduced rate monthly dog walking contract is available, see below for pricing.)

Mid-Day Dog Walks (30 min) - Monday - Friday from 10:30am to 4:30pm

 $18.00 for 1 dog   $3.00 for each additional dog 

*Reduced rate monthly contracts are available based on the following:

One dog:

 5 days/week   $16.00 per visit 
 4 days/week   $16.50 per visit 
 3 days/week   $17.00 per visit 
 2 days/week   $17.50 per visit 

Each additional dog:

 5 days/week   $2.00 per visit 
 4 days/week   $2.25 per visit 
 3 days/week   $2.50 per visit 
 2 days/week   $2.75 per visit 

Please contact the Struttin' Mutts office for more details (703) 717-0700.

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