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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured and bonded?
Yes! Both the liability insurance, which is provided by Business Insurers of the Carolinas and our dishonesty bond, which is provided by Travelers Insurance Company, are designed specifically for the professional pet sitter! Both policies are sponsored by Pet Sitters International, the global leader in the pet-sitting industry, which Struttin’ Mutts is a proud member! For more information on these organizations, please visit... and

Will you meet my pets before providing service?
Yes! Before any services are rendered, the proposed caregiver visits your home for a consultation. This visit provides the opportunity for you and your pet(s) to get acquainted with your caregiver as information is gathered about your pet and your home for a profile, plus discuss any necessary and important information about your pet's needs. In addition, the consultation serves to discuss Struttin' Mutts policies and contracts with you, and of course to answer any questions you may have. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Do you administer medication? If so, is there an additional fee?
Yes we do! We can administer any type of oral medication as well as non-intravenous injections (such as insulin) and there is no additional fee for this. We will not however, administer intravenous injections and therefore recommend boarding your pet(s) at the Veterinarian in this case.

Do you require vaccinations be up to date?
Yes, for the safety of your pets as well as caregiver safety, we check to ensure both Rabies and the DHLPP vaccinations are up to date at the time of the consultation.

Why do you ask for two sets of keys at the time of the consultation?
In the event your usual caregiver has an emergency (or locks themselves out!), having an extra set of keys allows Struttin' Mutts to make sure your pet(s) can still be visited.

Are we able to schedule visits via email?
Once the initial consultation is complete, yes- we accept visit reservations by phone or email. But please ensure you receive confirmation from Struttin' Mutts staff for desired visit times. Please do not assume that if you have left a message or sent an email, your pets will be visited. An after hours and emergency contact number is listed on the Struttin' Mutts voicemail message. Please use this number if you have an urgent matter and are not able to reach anyone via email or the main phone line.

Do you accept last minute or emergency visit requests?
We are happy to accommodate last minute visit requests provided we have availability. A short notice fee will apply for visits scheduled with less than 24 hours notice. For individuals who are not yet clients- please note however that we must meet all animals that come into our care before services are rendered as described above.

My dog is used to at least 4 potty breaks a day- can you provide services that often for vacation pet-sitting?
We sure do! We provide a custom schedule for your pet(s) based on his or her needs and usual routine. We offer pet-sitting services from 7:00am through to 10:00pm and can schedule visits anytime within this range, provided we have availability. Please note however, we have a minimum of 2 visits per day when scheduling pet-sitting for dogs (at least once every 12 hours) and a minimum of 1 visit per day when scheduling pet-sitting for cats and other small animals (at least once every 24 hours).

My dog receives several potty breaks a day- but only one long walk- can I schedule only one long visit and a couple short visits throughout the day?
Of course! We are happy to combine different visit durations within a pet-sitting series. Our standard visit length is 30 minutes and includes a walk- we also offer a 60 min. visit (also includes a walk) as well as a 15 min. visit which does not include a walk. We just ask that you consider your pet(s) needs when selecting visit durations to allow the caregiver enough time to carry out all necessary duties.
Please visit the Services section for pricing details.

My dog has a doggy door and has access to the backyard- will you provide services to us?
We evaluate clients with doggy doors on a case by case basis. If at the time of the consultation we feel the situation is not secure- we will not accept business. If we do accept business- we recommend keeping the doggy door closed/locked whenever possible especially at night to keep your pet(s) and home secure!

My dog has a doggy door and is only fed once per day- can you make an exception to your 2 visit per day visit policy?
We cannot make an exception to this policy as we feel it is necessary to check on your dog(s) and home at a minimum of every 12 hours especially considering your dog is in less of a controlled environment having access to the outdoors. In this case- we would be happy to include the 15 min. visit to check on your dog since additional duties are not required.

Will you provide service for my outdoor cat?
Unfortunately we do not provide services for outdoor cats even if they have access into the home. It would be impossible for us to ensure their safety when given access to the outdoors as they cannot be contained within the yard.

Will you provide service for my dog who is kept in my secure backyard?
We will not provide services for dogs who are kept outside even if the yard is very secure. We feel it is necessary for dogs to have access to a secure shelter in case of inclement weather conditions.

Will you take my pet to the Veterinarian if necessary?
Definitely! We will take all necessary actions to keep your pet safe and healthy while in our care including taking your pet to the veterinarian if necessary. Struttin’ Mutts Inc. will make reasonable efforts to contact you and accommodate your choice of veterinary practitioner should emergency medical treatment be necessary. However, should the Owner and/or a specified veterinary practitioner be unavailable, Struttin' Mutts Inc. is authorized to seek medical care and/or emergency treatment as needed.

Please contact the Struttin' Mutts office for more details:
(703) 717-0700

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